Why is Subway Better than McDonald’s?

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McDonald’s is not the number one restaurant franchisor in the world anymore. Nor is Pizza Hut. Now the crown is at the head of Subway, a fast-food sandwich business that promises freshness of “submarine” bread and its contents. If you often watch K-drama, you will see Subway way too often. Even you can say that Subway is the sponsor of many K-drama since you can find a scene where the characters eat or buy Subway sandwich.

Subway vs McDonald’s

Fast food is food that is the choice of urban communities in the modern era as it is today. Tellsubway and McDonald’s are neck to neck in fast food market Based on the many studies that.  Those two brands are the choice when it comes to fast food. Right now, not only in urban areas but to all corners of the country that eating fast food.

Although some people say that fast food is not good for health because it can be dangerous if consumed frequently. But on one side fast food can help provide food for people who have a lot of busyness so that they are in demand and loved by many people. People are more interested in choosing places to eat that provide fast food services because people tend to be preoccupied with various activities that spend a lot of time.

Subway and McDonald’s are famous fast food brands in many countries. Both of them have the same main product such as burgers, sandwich, ice cream and various other types of packages. Those brands also spread everywhere in various regions. Only by looking at the mascot of each brand can we immediately recognize it. These two brands certainly have the characteristics of each product item presented. We can observe it from various aspects because each product must have advantages and disadvantages.

Subway as the Number 1 Fast Food Brand

The reason why Subway is crowned as the number one restaurant franchisor in the world is that of its advantages. Below is the advantage of tellsubway that is immediately seen by consumers.

  1. Freshness

The first advantage is its freshness. Sandwiches are made in front of you with choices of your own bread, meat, vegetables, and dressing. There are also two sizes to choose from. This what makes people love Subway because they can get a fresh sandwich made with fresh ingredients. The taste will be different than any other fast food sandwich.

  1. The freedom to choose

The freedom to choose from a variety of sandwich combinations by consumers is the main selling point. In other fast food, generally, buyers can only point from the menu. At Subway, consumers can point from the menu while modifying. There is “ownership” in each sandwich designed by the buyer.

  1. Variety of foods

We can’t deny that this is also one of Subway biggest advantages that attracts many people to buy their foods. Compared with McDonald’s, the sandwich and burger menu has many options. Each of them as different bread, meat, vegetables, and dressing. There are many options for them to meet the customer’s demands. You can choose your own bread, meat, vegetables, and dressing by choosing the ones that you love the most. So, you will get the most delicious sandwich and burger since all the ingredients are your favorite.

  1. Healthy food

Subway was built by two health expert partners namely Dr. Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca. Their partnership is called Doctor’s Associates. Starting with DeLuca borrowing USD 1000 from Dr. Buck to open a sandwich shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1965. They offer a healthy alternative for consumers among burger fast food restaurants filled with fat and preservatives. From the start, nutrition is a factor that is maintained. Subway’s partner in terms of healthy and slimming nutrition is The Personal Training Institute. With the increasingly high standard of living of consumers, healthy food is increasingly sought after. This is proven by Subway’s rapid business growth. Healthy foods like Subway increasingly become popular when one loyal customer named Jaret Fogle managed to lose weight up to 450 pounds for a year thanks to the Subway diet. Combined with exercise and a lot of walking, Jaret managed to lose weight.

  1. Salads

You can’t find any salads in McDonald’s. Meanwhile, if you go to tellsubway, you will find a variety of salads waiting for you. Of course, the salads are fresh and delicious. This is the perfect place to eat whenever you want to grab fast food and salad at the same time. There are many delicious salads such as Turkey Breast Chopped Salad, Tuna Chopped Salad, and Italian Chopped Salad which are the popular ones.

  1. Healthy ingredients

As of 2005, Subway committed to using products from suppliers who have SAFE (Socially Accountable Farm Employers) certification. This SAFE is founded by the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association. This organization is also a non-profit organization. In addition, in 2011, the eco store Subway opened in France. The tellsubway outlet follows environmental friendly ecological standards labeled HPE (High Environmental Protection) and HQE (High Environmental Quality). These two labels are certifications that the Subway outlet uses minimal energy with minimal ecological impact.

  1. More popular

Subway has 44,576 outlets in 110 countries. It is predicted that Subway outlets will reach 50,000 by 2018. Every day, five new Subway outlets are opened overseas. Subway in the US reaches 60 percent for the sandwich category. This is the proof that Subway is way more popular. Even it can take over McDonald’s crown as the most popular fast food restaurants.