Things to Do in Tokyo

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Japan is still one of the foreign tourist destinations favored by many travelers. Besides its location that is not too far away, Japan is also a unique country with a very rich tradition and culture. Not only that, the country “sunrise” also has a variety of amazing natural beauty, including when the country was hit by winter. The very first time you arrived in Tokyo during a vacation to Japan is certainly an exciting experience

Best Thing to Do While You are in Tokyo

If you are visiting Tokyo for the first time, there are five things that tourists often do and you can do. What are the five things, see the following!

  1. Buy warm drinks at the vending machine

Warm drinks in the vending machine? It seems strange, but not for this one. When you are on vacation to Japan you can find it, and it is perfect when winter is covering the city. If you like visiting Tokyo during the winter. Must try a variety of coffee, milk tea, until you can buy warm soup in all vending machine. You can also try another vending machine that doesn’t sell drinks only.

  1. Take a picture at Shibuya Crossing

When you first go on vacation to Japan, come to Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. This place is famous for the busiest crossing centers in the world. This zebra crossing place is so busy and crowded. Most tourists come here to watch the crowds that at first glance look messy, but very regularly at various crossing points in all directions. The best photo spot is standing in the middle of the crowd among the crowds of crossing places.

  1. Go to Akihabara area

For those of you who like the pop culture world with all the elements in it such as action figures, model kits and so on. You can walk through every store in the Akihabara area, lots of shops lined up selling toys from vintage to the latest. One of the popular ones is Gundam Café.

  1. Eat Harajuku crepes

Being in Tokyo on vacation to Japan for the first time, you try to walk to the Harajuku area. Here is the famous and most crowded crepes shop called Harajuku’s Santa Monica Crepes. The specialty of this culinary place offers a wide selection of sweet or salty crepes. People who are friends can usually make sweet crepes as favorites. For the savory and salty, it is a bit strange that it usually contains tuna and lettuce. For the taste, it’s certainly delicious.

  1. See Tokyo from Skytree

Look at every detail of Tokyo from Skytree as the tallest building in the country. Everything feels perfect while on vacation to Japan for the first time, seeing every Tokyo detail from the height of Skytree. Make it feel perfect

Tips Traveling to Tokyo

If you want to visit Japan for the first time in the near future, it’s good to learn some of these things so that you don’t get lost and appreciate their culture as well

  1. Body bending

Bend your body when meeting Japanese people as a sign of respect. This is usually done when meeting people who have never even been known. If you feel that you are meeting an older person, bend your body more than 15 degrees or even straight with your waist.

  1. Don’t make noise in public transportation

When riding public transportation, such as trains or buses, don’t talk to anyone and make noise. It’s better to turn off your cell phone because most Japanese people will sleep or read and listen to music while on public transport.

  1. Say thank you

Saying thanks before and after eating to the host becomes a habit that continues to be preserved in Japan. This is good manners.