The List of the Best Beverages From Fast Food Restaurants

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What do you feel if you eat without drinking? Your meal will not be completed. Then, you may feel thirsty after eating. Even you only drink a glass of fresh water, your meal will be perfect. But, if you dine in the certain restaurant, you may not order a glass of water. You will order the sweet beverage. No matter it is a hot or cold drink, you will feel satisfied after drinking it. Each restaurant usually has the signature or the original drink. If you visit some fast-food restaurant below, you should not miss ordering this beverage.

The Functions of Beverage

Do you know how to complete your meals? Yes, you need beverages. No matter where you are, beverages will always be the priority when you are enjoying your dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Besides, you will need it when it comes to snack time. Without beverages, your meals will not taste much better. It is because beverages have several functions:

the best beverages
the best beverages
  • quench your thirst

Beverages can quench your thirst. Even though you do not have meals, you may need beverages when you are thirsty and tired. Your body will give a sign to tell you that it needs liquids when you feel exhausted.

  • boost energy

Your beverages can help you get more energy. Some beverages contain certain substances that will improve the energy inside your body. Moreover, beverages will be able to be your mood booster as well when you order your favorite beverages. In other words, beverages can be a solution for you in times you get bored or sleepy. Make sure you choose your favorite flavor if you want your mood to increase.

  • gives nutrition

Customers may order certain beverages to get nutrition. Besides, some restaurants provide its special beverages with selected ingredients to help you stay healthy. Also, your healthy beverages can be the substitution of your meals, especially when you are in a losing weight program.

  • perfect your meals

Have you ever heard that your beverages will perfect your meals? If you select the right beverages, you will enjoy your meals even more. Be sure that you choose beverages which will be the perfect match for your meals.

Apart from the functions above, beverages can bring more meanings to fast food restaurants. First, beverages can be the signature dishes. Second, fast food restaurants may use beverages as special offers for its customers. Moreover, there are a lot of kinds of beverages which you can find at restaurants. For example, fast food restaurants can provide bottled water, soft drinks, milk, tea, coffee, and chocolate. Moreover, several restaurants may have alcoholic drinks for you. So, you can order liquor, beer, or wine at these places.

The Signature Beverage from the Fast-Food Restaurant

However, did you know that fast food restaurants have its iconic beverages? No, it is not soft drinks. As you know, soft drinks are not signature beverages at restaurants even though they taste good for you. But, the iconic beverages are different. These are the original creation of the fast food restaurants. In case you do not know, just keep reading on the following information.

  1. McCafé Mango Pineapple Smoothie from McDonald’s

McCafé is a coffeehouse chain from McDonald’s. The exclusive menu of McCafé is also available at McDonalds’ fast food restaurant. Even though the main menu at this coffee house is coffee with its variant, it does not mean you can have other beverages. No wonder, you may order McCafé Mango Pineapple Smoothie if you come to this restaurant. Mango and pineapple are the main ingredients. So, this beverage is purely fruit juice, to be honest. But, McCafé adds creamy low-fat yogurt and ice. Then, all of the ingredients get blended together.

But, you should be careful if you have the allergy towards milk. This smoothie comes in 3 sizes. Of course, there will be different calories for each cup size. You can select a small size with 200 calories, medium size with 20 calories, or large size with 340 calories. The bigger the size you have, the more sugar you consume from this McCafé Mango Pineapple Smoothie.

  1. Strawberry Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shake from Hardee’s

Do you like the strawberry smoothie? It seems like so mainstream, right? But, it will be different at Hardee’s. This fast food restaurant adds the flavor of this beverage with ice cream. Besides, Hardee’s adds milky cream to this smoothie. So, if you are avoiding milk or soy, you can take this as the consideration. At Hardees, Strawberry Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shake only has one original size. Per serving, it contains 710 calories 73g sugar with the assumption that every serving size is 397 g.

  1. Cherry Limeade from Sonic

The most popular beverages from Sonic Drive-In, everybody! Yes, Cherry Limeade. This beverage is so popular that there is a lot of copycat recipe of this Cherry Limeade out there. When you visit Sonic fast food restaurant, you may have this beverage in some sizes. There are small, medium, large, or Route 44 sonic. This Route 44 is the largest size at this fast food restaurant. If you order Cherry Limeade in this Route 44 size, you will get the beverage for 44 oz. It means you can enjoy this with your family members or friends.  The main ingredients of Cherry Limeade are the sprite, lime juice, cherry juice, and ice.

  1. Signature Cinnamon Roll Chilatta

Cinnabon creates this Signature Cinnamon Roll Chillatta using special ingredients. It contains Makara Cinnamon and caramel. Cinnabon serves this beverage with whipped cream and a BonBite on top as the crown. Signature Cinnamon Roll Chillatta comes in 2 sizes. The small 16 oz. has 840 calories and the large 24 oz. has 1010 calories.

  1. Latte from Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a fast food restaurant chain with the specialty of donuts and coffee. Its legal business name is Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop. Because this fast food restaurant is so good at coffee, it is not so surprising that you will find a lot of variants of coffee at this restaurant. And Latte will be the best choice whenever you come to this fast food restaurant. A glass of 10 oz. latte has 35 mg of caffeine with 80 calories. This amount of caffeine is not so high if you concern the effects of caffeine. Besides, you should be careful if you have the allergy towards milk. But, you do not have to worry if you do not want to consume too much sugar. Tim Hortons claims that Latte has low fat, high calcium, and good for vegetarian. It has 12 g sugar and 30% DV calcium.

Those are the must-have beverages which you should try at fast food restaurants. Among those beverages, which one is your favorite? Make sure you visit the fast food restaurants and enjoy them with your loved ones. By the way, the list above goes randomly. We do not put it from the best to the least. So, you are free to decide which one is the most mouthwatering for you.