The Benefits of Ice Cream for Your Health

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I scream for Ice cream. You may be familiar with this statement. Everybody loves ice cream. No matter they are kids, young, or old, they will never refuse ice cream. It is because ice cream is the yummy treat for all occasion. You not only can enjoy the ice cream for dessert. But, whenever you need the ice cream, you can enjoy it. Ice cream has a lot of flavors. This way, no one will never get bored. They can taste vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream.

Nowadays we do not get any difficulty to find the ice cream. You can find the ice cream at the dairy product section in the supermarket. Besides, there are also many ice cream outlets outside there. As the example, you can go to Baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen. After visiting this ice cream store, you can participate in their guest satisfaction survey. For instance, you can involve in DQFanFeedback survey from Dairy Queen. After the survey, you can get the special treat such as the free ice cream

However, for the people who are on the diet, they may not be interested in consuming the ice cream. It is because they think that ice cream is high calories. But, here we try to present some surprising benefits of the ice cream for your health. Check this out.

ice cream benefits
ice cream benefits
  • Gain less weight.

Some studies show that the people who consume the daily serving for the dairy products can gain less weight. This fact may be surprising you. But, the scientist suggests you eat the full-fat dairy item such as ice cream. It means, every day, you can consume a half cup or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This ice cream contains for about 140 calories, 14 gr sugar, and 7 gr fat. This ice cream will not make you fat. Just consider to the ice cream portion you consume.

  • Lose the weight.

You may not think about gaining weight loss by consuming ice cream. But, for your information, your body will burn more calories if you eat something cold. It does not mean that you can lose your weight soon after you eat ice cream. But, by doing the cold treatment, you can encourage the body to reduce more pounds. Eating ice cream and lose your weight can be the best reward. So, do not forget to add some ice cream to your daily diet. This way, you can reach the goal for weight loss.

  • Increase fertility.

Harvard University published a journal which states that consuming the ice cream or milk can improve fertility. It means you will have more chance of having a baby. The researchers observe the eating habits for some women between 24 and 42 years old. Then, the result says that the women who eat the full-fat ice cream have the lower risk of infertility. Usually, they eat the ice cream two times a week. So, if you have the planning for the baby program, you should consume the ice cream often. Besides, the ice cream is also the good nutrient for the pregnant woman. When you are pregnant, it will be better if you eat a scoop of ice cream a day. It will help the growth of the fetus. It is because the ice cream contains the high calcium which is good for the bone growth.

  • Full of nutrient.

Ice cream is rich of the nutrient that helps your body healthy. Ice cream contains nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. The calcium and phosphorus are good for your bone and teeth. Besides, the potassium can lower the blood pressure. Besides, it also contains vitamin B which can boost your energy. Furthermore, vitamin B is also useful for cell growth and tissue repair. In addition, the ice cream also contains the vitamin K. It is useful for the blood clotting.

  • Boost your energy.

When you are too tired after doing many activities in a day, eating an ice cream can be the reward for your body. Ice cream is rich in fat, carbohydrate, protein, and vitamin. So, it will help you to boost your energy. Ice cream will help you to repair your mood as well. The energy in the half cup of ice cream is equal to the twice energy in one-half cup of the milk. So, instead of drinking milk, eating ice cream will make you full of energy.

  • Increase the immunity.

Ice cream not only can boost your energy but also can enhance your body immunity. It is because ice cream contains cytokines and lactoferrin. These substances can fight against the influenza virus. This way, ice cream can help you to get over or prevent the flu. So, if you want to stay away from getting sick, you should enjoy one or two scoops of ice cream. So, you can fight the virus.

  • Improve the mood.

I am sure that you never see the people who are sad or angry when they eat ice cream. It is because the studies prove that ice cream can give you a good mood. There is also a researcher who observe the brain activity of someone who is eating the vanilla ice cream. When they swallow the ice cream, there will be an instant effect on the brain. This effect is on the orbitofrontal cortex part of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for managing the pleasure feeling. It is because this area of the brain will be activated once you feel happy.

Those are some facts about the health benefits of eating ice cream. Before believing some facts, you should check the validity of the information. For instance, you can check the nutritional facts of the ice cream you will consume. You can visit the website of the ice cream outlet you will visit. In this site, usually, they provide the nutritional facts about the menu items they serve. Then, you should notice that not all delicious food or treat is good for your health. Even the ice cream is good for health, you should not eat it too much. Just one scoop a day is enough.