Ten Tips to Live the Happy Life

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Abraham Lincoln has even stated in his book that “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”. Or, Marcus Aurelius also stated that “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking”. Both of those wise words remind us that real happiness comes on our mind. It is about how we describe Happy as well as how we are grateful with what we own. Hello, Smart People! We are here to give you ten tips to live the happy life. If you think that respecting yourself is better, so you will need to stay tuned and practice these tips. Enjoy reading!

  1. Be Yourself

Have you ever change yourself to impress the others? Then, you have to lie just to feel good. Trust me, this way of life will limit your life and expression as you can’t be yourself. So, the first tip to live the happy life is about to always be yourself. Then, how to practice being yourself? Here the ways are:

  1. Being Imperfect

Somehow, we are too obsessed to set everything perfect. Then, it often too high then make us hurt. Unfortunately, this action can lose our self-esteem. As a result, we will never be grateful, happy and satisfied with things are going on us. Even though, they may be going very great indeed. So, being too perfectionist is not good for us and steal our happiness. And then, being imperfect hears better to make you respect and proud with yourself.

Start the Happy Life
Start the Happy Life
  1. Stay Positive Thinking

The third tip is about to stay optimism and positive think for everything that will happen to us. Being optimism will help you to open the life up and make you passionate to reach the goals and dreams. On the contrary, when you always think negatively, it will control your expression and make you stuck on what you are doing on.

  1. Find a Thing That Makes you Alive

After that, you will need to find out the things that make you come alive and being stronger. To reach this purpose, you can do, run or even work in something that makes you happy and fell full of spirit. If you get bored with it, it should be good when you try to try something new. Believe it or not, trying something new in life challenges us and somehow it makes us alive. Even if you fail or even get hurt, don’t worry! It is a part of your journey that you have to pass. As long as you are happy and come alive, it is good to make it real.

Find a Thing that make you Alive
Find a Thing that makes you Alive
  1. Self-Talk Around

Have you ever overthought because of someone’s critics? Then, what do you usually do? Somehow, Critics are important for us as the self-reminder to doing better or even reminds for every mistake that we have recently done. They will be good if it is delivered by the experts or someone who care with us. Of course, it is one of the attention and support’s that they can give for the better of us. So, we are obligated to think of it and take the best positive side then apply in our action. Even we are hurt, these critics are such as pills that strengthen us and make us better in the future.

But, we don’t need to think the critics for everyone who does not have any rights to say it for us. Somehow, this kind of critic will be full of anger, insult, and purposes to make us weak. Of course, it is the time where you need to ignore the critics and make a self-talk around. It is about to give a support to ourselves and say that we are more than it. You can use the stop words or phrase then say, “Stop! We are not like they think!”, and even more. Also, we can explain to ourselves that we have done the best thing and recall the previous results that we have recently reached.

  1. Don’t ever worry to say, “No!”

When you usually do something that you don’t really like then it damages or hurt you, it is the time when you don’t need to worry for refusing. If you are too easy to say “Yes” for all of the offers and request, it should be same to say “No!”. Friends! You are not making mistake when you think that your happiness is the priority. So, you have a right when you refuse someone’s request when you think that it will make you sad or disappointed. After refusing, some people may force you or even disappointed with you. Don’t worry! It is the best time to give them your rationale explanations, try to share your reasons or even tell what you want.

  1. Forgive the mistake

Do you know? Keeping the grudge for a past pain is not a good action and will block your happiness. On the contrary, it should be great when you forgive the people who have hurt you or even some disappointed moment that you have ever done in the past. This time is a chance to look the future and try to do the best in the next. Somehow, forgiving is not an easy task and maybe need a more time. But, there are some simple things that you can do, those are:

  • First, you can remind yourself that you forgive for your own happiness and benefits. Do you know? When you remember and don’t forget about someone’s previous mistakes, your thoughts will return to them and remember about them again and again. It will be more hurt you. Of course, when you open your heart and forgive them, it does not only release the others but also make you calm and happy.
  • Second, you need to make a habit of forgetting the others and even yourself. Sometimes, we are too busy to remember our past mistake than it limits us to create or do something. By making a habit to forgive yourself, it will train you to be easy in forgiving the others.
  1. Make Someone Happy

After that, we need to know that seeing the others happy will impact on our own happiness. So, why don’t you create the other’s happiness to make yourself happy? Not to mention, you can listen to them and help what’s their problem. As long as it will not hurt you, it should be good when you are beside them. Friends! You also can treat your bestie and reward her/him a new cloth or shoes from Hollister Store. Take it easy, when you are broke, you can complete Hollister Survey and win 10% Hollister Coupon Discount, It is a good solution to make your bestie happy when you don’t have a lot of money to buy a new thing.

  1. Ignore the Negative People

As we have mentioned above, to make ourselves happy, we are better to ignore the negative people in our life. The negative people usually try to dictate, lecture, and even insult us. They are the people who never think our happiness or even respect us, our choices and our hopes. This time, you have a right to ignore them or even delete them in your life. Try to run the new life and befriend with the new people.

  1. Be Grateful

In the end, you need to be grateful with everything that you do and you have. Even, it is a good medicine where you will never force yourself to follow the other’s life. Friends! Happiness is about perception and how you try to happy with your own.

So, they are about how to live the happy life. In a hope, you can start your new life and be happy with it. See you on the next articles!