Looking for World Paradise? Let’s Go to Kashmir!

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Have you watched Mission Impossible: Fallout? As we know that the last scene in the movie is in Kashmir. We will remind you again that it is not just the holy trinity, Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, and Rebeca Ferguson, who is the main complements the movie, but the location as well. Kashmir is a very beautiful place located in India. As Emperor Jahangir Khan, Ruler of the Mughal Empire in the Continent said that if there is heaven in the world then this is the place when he first discovered Kashmir back in the 17th century. The words are true, the Kashmir region is very beautiful, rich in culture, delicious food, the people are friendly and relatively cheap.

The Location of Kashmir

Some important basic info and tips for gelatin trip to Kashmir can work as follows. At present Kashmir is controlled by 3 major countries, in the West and North Kashmir is controlled by Pakistan who named the region as Azad Kashmir (independent Kashmir) and Gilgit Baltistan, in North and East, China ruled and named its territory Aksai Chin, and the rest controlled by India in the form of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Small-scale short-term contacts are still common in India-Pakistan, with the last major war in 1999 (Kargil War).

Traveling to Kashmir

On this article, we will focus on Indian Kashmir because it is more visited by many tourists. Like Kashmir, Pakistan and China, even though they are the same or even more beautiful, the visa process and permits are complicated. Geographically there are two areas of Indian Kashmir which are the main tourist destinations because they are famous for their beauty. If you want to visit the area of ​​the two authors to set aside 2 weeks. Both theft areas are:

  1. Kashmir Valley

Kashmir Valley is famous for the beauty of the city of Srinagar which has a lake in the middle of the city with the backdrop of the Himalayas. Srinagar’s beauty is often compared to cities in Switzerland but with the uniqueness of a thick Muslim culture. In addition to Srinagar, Kashmir Valley provides beautiful places for riding, skiing, and other tours in Sonamarg, Gulmarg, and Pahalgam. The sacred place believed to be the residence of the god Shiva is also located in Kashmir Valley. Every loose year Hindus from all over the world perform a ritual “Yatra” worship trip here. Demographic potential also increases. Hotels on this date will also be full, you can find dates with Yatra.

  1. Ladakh

Although both Kashmir, Ladakh offers a type of tourism that is very different from Kashmir Valley. In contrast to the Muslim-directed Valley region, Ladakh, which is in the Himalayas, is Buddhist in nature, architecture, culture, and food. The main place of the film “The Three Idiots” Amir Khan is the city of Leh, Razi Khar, and lakes in the Ladakh area. These lakes are generally close to the Chinese border, so be careful not to get lost crossing into China.

Weather in Kashmir

Kashmir is famous for its snow so visitors will be crowded in winter. Please pay attention to the weather forecasts in the days of your visit, at the height of winter, snow storms often hit. As a result, both land and air transportation are cut off and you have to stay longer.

Political Security Situation in Kashmir

The main thing to note for Kashmir is how you plan to spend your holiday here. You need to do some research before going to this place especially if there are general elections, holidays, birthdays for either India or Pakistan. On that days, the situation is very vulnerable to violence by its citizen. If you travel on those days, it is possible to spend extra money to stay overnight, because usually, police officers impose a curfew or “bandh” close access from and out of certain areas in Kashmir for several days.

Tips Traveling to Kashmir

  1. Acclimatization

Because Kashmir is in the Himalayan plateau that can reach 3000-5000 feet above sea level, especially Leh – Ladakh, make sure you have at least one day to acclimatize so that you can enjoy your presence optimally.

  1. Taking picture

Do not take photos of military installations while in Kashmir because it will invite suspicion and invite problems with the local authorities.

  1. Telephone connection

The reason for the security factor caused only postpaid calls to be used by foreigners in Kashmir. For smooth communication, you should bring a postpaid cellular phone before arriving in Kashmir.

  1. The hospitality of Kashmiris

Despite the frequent conflicts, the hospitality of the people of Kashmir seems eternal in them. So, if you experience problems, do not hesitate to ask and ask for help from local residents, generally, they are very helpful.

With good preparation, all of the risks that exist are not something to worry about. You can enjoy the fresh, clean air, clean water, and breathtaking scenery. Who doesn’t want to go to heaven?