How to Use a Good CV and Write Good Comments for Famous Restaurants?

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We all know that the role of a simple resume complete with the CV or curriculum vitae is pretty important. In this case, like it or not, when we are going to enter an educational institution or even a job vacancy, they must require us to make the resume and cv. typically, these two documents here are the only way for us as the applicant to get in touch or introduce our self to the university or company.

Of course, we will have so many competitors here since thousands of people out there are also applying the job position we want or the same university as we always dream for. Therefore, we need to have a nice strategy in making both documents so that they will be eye-catching and the recruiter will get interested in us. Well, here are some details of the deep explanation about the tips on how to achieve our goals through the resume and CV. Here we go!

Step by Step to Write A CV and a Review

When we are writing a good CV, we need to understand first its definition so that we know what content we need to put. Here, most people are including the skills, experience, complete with the qualifications as the main content. However, since the recruiter here may be pretty busy that makes them not able to read the entire CV we made, it must be better if we apply some tips here so that it will be eye-catching or outstanding. Here are the tips:

How to Use a Good CV and Write Good Comments for Famous Restaurants?
How to Use a Good CV and Write Good Comments for Famous Restaurants?
  • Keep Our CV Short

Typically, a good CV which is efficient is that the one with two up to three pages of A4 papers. Here, it should contain a summary about our personal details, academic qualifications, complete with our employment history. For the further usage here, we can update the CV when we have new experience or trainings. Indeed, it is necessary to adapt our CV when we apply different job or destination. By still making it simple, we need to put the information which is related to the job position we are applying only.

  • Make It Relevance

To make it still relevance with the job position or university we are applying, we can make a long list about our qualifications yet also job experience. However, if we see them are not that relevant, then we need to select the best only which can support the job position we are seeking. In addition, we can pick that relevant information complete with highlighting them since they are the main keywords we have.

  • Make A God Presentation

Then, we can also make a good presentation by not only putting good quality of information but using neat yet well format as well. Simply, we just need to hire the expert if it is necessary. For the simple CV format, here we can put our name complete with our personal particulars. Then, we can make a bullet point list on our academic qualifications by putting the most recent at the top. By using this chronological order, we need to mention the dates or period of time for each course we took. In addition, we can also put our job experiences complete with the dates duration and the positions or responsibility we handled.

Step by Step to Write a Good Review and Summary

Now, it is the time to talk about the simple resume example which we need to make in order to fulfill the requirement. Still, we need to make the outstanding one since to get the attention from the recruiter is pretty crucial. Well, here are some parts which we need to put so that it will look professional:

  • Contact Information

As the very basic information, we need to include our full names, mailing address, and phone number, complete with our email address. In this case, the contact details which we put here will be the alternatives for the recruiter to get in touch with us for the sake of next process of the recruitment. It will be better if we put the phone number which we always use. In addition, we need also put our free time so that the recruiter is able to contact us without being missed since we are busy. Not only this, we need also mention our professional email address. It must be best if we have our full name as the address instead of strange names such as Well, it sounds pretty more professional if we use the own with our first name and last name as our official email.

  • Resume Objective

Also important, we need to put the objective statement of our resume by still making it brief yet simple and also to the point. The objective here, of course, needs to be able to summarize our credentials, skills, passion, complete with other content we put which are related to the position we are applying. Indeed, we need to do our best in this part since this is the only section we can explain why we are suitable for the job position we want.

  • Educational Background

Both entering university and job market, a background of education is pretty necessary to include since this is the foundation for the recruiter to decide whether we are eligible or not. Nicely, we can list our academic credentials using the chronological order with the most recent one at the top. We can also give the details such as the degree and certification we have completed with the dates. In the point, we need to highlight the course or training we get moreover if they are related to the job position we are applying for.

  • Experience

When we are applying for a job vacancy, this one is the most important part which can decide whether we are ready to work or not. Here, we can mention the companies’ names complete with the position we held. Then, we can focus on the roles which are relevant to the job position we are applying.

So, it is all about asking for a position in a job. Anyway, you can also try to give some comments for the company in case you are a customer. In this case, one of the best ways to do it is by filling out the survey. Not to mention, Chick-Fil-A survey is going to give you a free sandwich for the rewards. Enjoy!