Best Countries for Travelers in 2018

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Which countries have you visited in the first half of 2018? To prepare for the next holiday to be more amazing, we will provide several vacation references. Below are some beautiful countries to visit for your holiday for the rest of 2018.

5 Best Countries to Travel

  1. South Korea

South Korea brings many changes in the world, from culinary to culture. In fact, many people eventually love South Korea because they like K-pop, K-beauty, and K-drama. Therefore, many tourists are so curious to visit South Korea. Enjoy the frenzy and uniqueness of this Ginseng country directly. You can eat some delicious foods that you can only see it on K-drama before. You can visit some shooting locations for K-drama. Moreover, you can buy cheap Korean beauty products there.

  1. New Zealand

This is a country that has all the best things for you to adventure. To reach one place to another is very easy. You can see spectacular glaciers, beautiful fjords, steep mountains, wide plains, rolling hills, and many others. No wonder that New Zealand is the favorite location for filmings, such as The Hobbit, The Last Samurai, Narnia and King Kong. You can visit Middle Earth and Hobbiton of you go to New Zealand. This country offers you heaven on earth with its fascinating nature.

  1. Portugal

The land of the birth of the football, Cristiano Ronaldo, is indeed on the rise. Moreover, Portugal has received many tourism awards from the About World Travel Awards site. Lots of tourism objects that have been developed by Portugal, such as a very artistic museum, a very beautiful brewery, and more things to explore in Portugal.

  1. Chile

Chile is known to many tourists as ‘Chile Wonderland’ or Country Lake. There are many people who visit this country each year because of the uniqueness offered by this country. Nature here is just different than the rest.  Chile also has other beautiful panoramas, ranging from mountains to oceans. In fact, this Patagonia country can be an ideal place for relaxing to extreme holidays.

  1. Malta

The world’s sixth smallest country is so prosperous and very interesting to visit. The location is in southern Italy. You can come here using a cruise across the Mediterranean Sea. Malta relies heavily on the tourism sector. The reason is that almost 40 percent of state revenue is derived from its tourism potential. You can enjoy the unique nature of Malta with beautiful hills and city streets. The Mediterranean seas won’t disappoint you.

Safest Countries to Travel

If you want to travel to some safest countries in the world, we will give you the list of the safest place on Earth to travel!

  1. Australia

Melbourne successfully brought Australia as one of the safest places to travel. Melbourne has won the title of the most comfortable city four times to live. Melbourne is often referred to as Australia’s cultural and sports capital.  The city climate is warmer and closer to the sea, mountains, rivers, and lakes, making it a popular tourist attraction to visit. The city has several large beaches like Spanish Banks.

  1. Canada

Canada represented Vancouver which is a coastal city. Located in Lower Mainland British Columbia, it is known as one of the top cities for education in the world. The city is the most populous city in the west and the third largest in Canada. The city also has the largest electric tram network in the world. You will be facilitated to explore the whole beauty of the city. There are also art galleries, film festivals, orchestras, and operas held throughout the year.

  1. Finland

This country is one of the first countries in the world to give women the right to vote. Finland is also the first country to legalize universal suffrage. This country is famous for its excellent education. In addition, it turns out Finland also has interesting attractions such as Helsinki, Northern Lights, Archipelago National Park, and others. Finland is known as the center of business, finance, fashion, entertainment, media, and culture. Finland has a variety of museums, galleries, and venues.

  1. Austria

Having the second largest population in Europe does not make Austria insecure. Austria is the strongest country in the German Confederation. Austria is a country with high-income democracies, as well as being the ninth best country in the world for women.